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This is a great little home décor and furniture store! Jackie and Carly have done a wonderful job setting it up and selling pretty much everything you need to decorate the interior and exterior of your home. Lots of unique items to choose from. 

Gorgeous store with all kinds of unique home décor. Something for every room, it will make you want to redecorate your whole house! The prices are very fair and the customer service is great- love the local mother and daughter team!

Lovely and quaint with a country charm!! a wide selection of products with a gift for anyone, especially yourself! An extra bonus the ladies are so helpful and friendly. A must to visit, this store is truly a GEM

textile screen - sale $140

Textile printing in its many forms dates back centuries. Printing Screens were used to imprint vibrant patterns onto natural fabrics like linen, cotton or silk. The screens themselves can often be prettier than the end product, making them perfect for decorative display. 

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