I have always loved home décor and take pride in my home. Everyone that has stepped into our home has commented that I would be an amazing interior designer or home décor specialist. After working with the non-profit sector for the Government of Alberta for 30 years, I decided to finally pursue my dream. 

My cousin, Erica, ran a beautiful store "A Few of Your Favorite Things" in High Prairie, Alberta and I was always inspired by her and her success. She always encouraged me to open a similar one but I never did. By the time I was ready to do it, Erica sadly passed away from cancer and wasn't there to mentor me. Anyone who has visited her store would say that The Barn Door has a similar feel to it, and for that I am proud.

When trying to fill the store with unique products, both my daughter, Carly, and my husband, Steve, have helped shaped this store so that there is something for everyone that walks through. Steve has helped find products that bring a modern, masculine style to the store while I have brought the vintage, farmhouse style. And I am delighted that Carly is running this business alongside me while completing her degree in marketing.

The Barn Door is a home décor store with a modern, country feel. This is where you can find that unique piece for your home, cottage, or farmhouse that you've always searched for. On top of that, we have the perfect gifts whether it be for a birthday, graduation, mother and father's day, new arrival, house warming, wedding or newlyweds. 

Jackie Switzer